Wish Breaker

what of the hauntings in your heart?
does terror leap and grab
you in the throat
or are there seeds planted as wishes
held sacred in this most secret
of gardens
where artemisian light flows wild
and free with an inner strength
both curse and blessing
in these
watery dreams –

what makes or breaks your legs
in these moments
lucidly held in your hands –
do you tremble whisperingly light –
a slice of a shiver
some untranslatable on the tongue
silver grey scale
like the runaway fish that surface break
and bubble kiss in their undisclosed
pathos –
an innocence locked in the mistral’s wings
a symphony strung in silver violins –
volumptuous chords drinking from the goblets
of the psyche long held ancient
whining in the bended elbow of the old oak –
or is it an apple tree –
the rubble the remains of your town
which upped and left
of its own discord
as you flew away
in a slurry of swirling skirts brushing
against your exposed ankles –
this is the war inside us –
we are children of a wondering moon –
nothing more than fallen fruit

©2017 Scribbler’s Dipstick

mlmm prompt: writing prompt sunday: “it’s all in the title”

Wish Breaker
Undisclosed Pathos
The Silver Violin
Children of the Wondering Moon
The Haunting of Cora Applebaum
Whispers in the Willow Trees
Psychic Chasms
When Fish Runaway
The War Inside of Us
The Town that Went Missing

all great titles of choice – so I opted to weave ideas and essences from each into “one” thing ♠


22 thoughts on “Wish Breaker

  1. First a bit of a technical question. Can I follow your blog? If so how?

    Secondly, welcome to the prompt what a pleasure to have you with us!

    Consider me blown away by your gorgeous writing and by your use of multiple titles.

    watery dreams I really loved that, just wow

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    • Hi Yves – it’s me – Pat …. different name due to computer semi-meltdown, coupled with my own wanderings …. but thank you for the lovely, generous compliment 🙂

      It’s a great prompt 🙂

      There should be a follow button showing up on your screen – on the right side, right at the top – or when you first show up on the site, as in it loads, down at the bottom of the right side of your screen, a WP pop-up shows up and either tells you that you’re already following, or you can, or you can report content, etc. If you sign up via the top part, my space should automatically show up in your reader – where you can decide on email notification or not. Let me know if it doesn’t work out for you, i.e. can’t find it or whatever …. oh yeah, and under each post, if you hit the “like button” and in tiny “omfg” writing, a line scripts itself in which says “follow blog?” if you’re not already a follower – and you can “access” a following that way too.

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      • I followed by email!

        It is so good to see you again Pat you are one of my favorite people that I’ve never actually met! Also you are one hell of a writer and I have missed reading your poetry =) Welcome Back ((Hugs))

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      • Glad you figured it out – the follow thing 🙂 I also screwed around and changed up the format – I swear the type and layouts can make be blind mad, so maybe it’s a bit easier to see.

        It’s good to be back – I’ve been running under different names since Black Cat Alley – LOL – well a few, cause that’s when the whole computer/internet browser thing went off the rails …. but I’ve also been “lurking” – sometimes reading, but no comments, or a “like” or sometimes not even, when I was screwed logging in etc. So I’ve been surreptitiously keeping up.

        I’ve missed you too – but have been following along with most of your writing adventures – talk about one hell of a “project” story – and I meant to stop and comment on one of the posts – but you know, you really are one hell of a writer, even if fiction is a less comfortable skin for you, and it pushes you in a completely different style than poetry. If you set your mind to it, you can write – anything – period. end.of.story. – and really well. So right back at you – and thank you for the wonderful compliment and “encouragement boost” 😀

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      • I have been using the same theme for a while now, I have a hard time figuring things out when it comes to computers, zero intuition and zero common sense on that front lol Yes it is an enormous undertaking and it so frustrating because I don’t have unlimited time and I can’t just write and be irritable and distracted all the time as I want lol I think I will learn a lot from it even if the story itself isn’t any good. I mean it you are fabulous Pat =)

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      • I can navigate most computer things okay – it’s when I have no patience to do it and I get totally frustrated that I’m more inclined to up and pitch the damn thing, but that wouldn’t be a good thing! LOL – so far, I’ve held myself in check 😉

        Well sometimes the “day to day” is what can offer the distance we need to break from being all consumed by a project, but of course, when something really demands attention, and you can’t stop to work on it, it can be so much more than an annoyance … so like all things, pros and cons.

        I’m sure it will be a great exercise, and often, when something has captured the imagination and you find yourself driving yourself to the brink of insanity, madness and curiosity, it usually is worth it – and has value; of course, it may not show its “ultimate worth” for a long time, but that’s okay, it’s a process – just hard to sometimes keep it in mind when we live in a “flash” society where things aren’t even “done with” and everyone’s running 5 steps ahead.

        thanks Yves – and so are you 🙂

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      • My frustration tolerance is so low. I usually have at least one outburst dealing with anything tedious I don’t necessarily give up (I am sticking it out more and more) but I have an outburst. Isadora asked me the other day why I was always angry when I talk to myself. I just grumble to myself half the day

        It is so hard having your train of thought continuously disrupted like when you work out that little piece of time for your obsession and people keep talking to you but not about anything major just like chatter oh it drives me nuts lol

        Thank you so much for your encouragement!

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      • patience, generally has never been one of my “virtues” – and that’s why it’s a huge part of my karmic life lessons …. which means I throw absolute tantrums – and in the last 5 – 7 years? It’s become, surprisingly to me, wickedly nuts – but then, it doesn’t surprise me at all. I’ve always been very outspoken, and lived in a very combative, mostly violent, and very, extremely psychologically abusive household, so I’m no shrinking violet, but damn it, I hadn’t really appreciated the scope of how much unresolved anger and pain I’ve actually never allowed myself to process – to feel – to be – to truly release – so, here I am, living it – and yet still-self-constricting it ….. which makes for a very unpredictable me …. and I’m so sorry, but I’m killing myself laughing at your comment: I spend the half the day grumbling to myself …. because I’m a mutterer – and if I’m not actually mouthing the words or saying them out loud, I’m doing it in my head …. it’s a “constant conversation|monologue” companion – totally nuts ….

        Your daughter poses a very telling question? Angry – I guess it depends on what the issues are, and what direction it’s taking, whether it’s self-directed, or it’s a stream turned out ….

        And you’re right – it can be hard – but I guess that’s the issue, for many – carving out specific time – and being able to clearly state and hold a boundary: like, right, for the next 30 minutes, unless the house, you or my pants are on fire, I am absolutely unavailable …. it can be damn frustrating!

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      • Life keeps trying to teach me patience but I keep fighting the lessons. I grew up in an abusive household, severely mentally ill parents/guardians. I got used to a certain amount of drama I expected it and then I married someone super laidback, super patient, and naturally diplomatic the exact opposite of me lol It has really helped me find some balance and to realize that love is not what my parents told me it was and that it doesn’t have to hurt It is directed inward but I don’t know that I am angry so much as frustrated I get very frustrated with myself. I just can’t seem to level up from stupid

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      • ooooh …. no – not that last line – there is a beauty in it – would make for an incredible line is some type of writing – but it is harsh – and to consider that of yourself? harsher still – but maybe it’s an understanding, that slowly you will come to, over time, that your “natural” hard wiring has been changed, given your situation (and I remember so much of the conversations we’ve had here, through comments, and in emails) – and to “reprogram” as much as possible, the thought patterns, the modes of responding etc., it doesn’t happen overnight – and it gets really fucking frustrating, because often, it can feel like you’re right on the edge of finally turning a corner, but you slip back and forth; an early and rather lengthy (what half of your adult life, or whatever fraction) can’t be modified over night – and I’m guessing, actually I know, you have PTSD and different “issues” and “problems” – like many others who have lived exceptionally difficult traumas – and I think it then becomes more about learning to re-adapt – to try to change what we can, – it’s kind of like giving birth to yourself everyday, and then rushing through infancy, into a running toddler – and being frustrated, because you wanna be 6 or something. It’s a damn difficult process.

        And at least, you did find someone who was the opposite of everything you’ve ever known – and that, is a huge shock – and change – but it has allowed you to know and be, other ways – so, yes, hard as hell – and definitely really “odd” – but not a bad thing, just means, I’m guessing, that like you say, when you’ve been so accustomed to expecting “the worst” – finding yourself on more neutral ground or even something unconditionally loving, in the best of senses, can be unsettling and confusing.

        And yeah, love doesn’t have to hurt – but when you’ve been “subjected” so much pain, it’s a miracle and a blessing, that you could at least recognize and trust enough to love – and learn to love, in some much better, healthier, and more positive ways.

        And just because …. hey, hugs ((((((((((((Yves)))))))))

        and one thing? I have to say, knowing you as I’ve come to, these past few years, I admire your strength, your intelligence, your self-knowledge and your fighting spirit – and how even through the worst, you eventually come walking out, and find something that is curious, intriguing, engaging in life – and yup, that kind of zany “weird” you – I really think – well – you – are amazing and awesome. 😀

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      • Thanks I will keep that in mind lol

        it’s kind of like giving birth to yourself everyday, and then rushing through infancy, into a running toddler – and being frustrated, because you wanna be 6 that is just so apt and so much very like what I am feeling. well all the time really

        I still have a lot to learn about love that is for sure and about letting myself be loved which is a big thing. And honestly just about relating to humans in general. I have learned a lot but it is a process like everything else and there is no aha I know it all now moment, I am never going to know it all or solve everything, some things are just going to go on puzzling me

        hugs returned with enthusiasm

        awww now I am blushy and smushy inside! And right back at you. You are gorgeous inside and out!

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      • nodding head in understanding – about learning about love and self love …. it’s a process …. but if you have someone who is nurturing and supportive? it makes it so much easier to get through it ….

        LOL – an “aha moment” would be too easy, desirable yes? but extremely boring and dull too ….

        puzzling is okay – although I have trouble with the things I can’t figure out – which then leads to incredible frustration on my part – which is part of what I have to figure out in this life time – I can’t and don’t need to “know it all, from all angles and perspectives” …. so okay, puzzle away I say, to me …. snorting– as if it were as easy 😉

        hugs any time 😀

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  2. I’ve been rereading my old blog posts, so leaving comments in various guises. Think I’m back to the current me.
    You were a dowser, a diviner without the sling-shot branch of the essence of each title, then wove a whole fabric from each slippery thread. In other words, you got to the heart of each and spun them into a whole.

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  3. I’m back, Pat–and wow, there’s so much to love in this piece. I’ll just choose 2: “mistral’s wings”, and “slurry of swirling skirts”–Wow! Also, I love the final line. At first I thought this was a “book spine” poetry prompt, which I love–but now I’ve bookmarked the prompt to work on later, so thanks! Your writing carries such powerful imagery…and it appears I must Follow, lest I miss something good 🙂

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  4. An interesting read. I related to the fish… as I see them kissing the top of the creek water from beneath…looking for food from some shadow leaf that is falling. Weaving title ideas is just as good as individual words! 🙂

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    • Yeah, that was the gist then, when I played with it – kind of treated each title as it’s own mini and then pulled stuff together – but when these prompts come up, often they read as a story in themselves – just have to tease out the meanings 😉 and yeah, just as fun as wordles 🙂

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