Breathe Again

forget not –
be pleased with all your efforts
if they have been as your honest is
as the day is long
look up to slip and sip
drinking of the sky
look down to peer into the deep
bright blue
stars twinkling in the twilight
at your feet
and when you level your gaze
remember to slip between the seam
of sharp and clear focus
and dream of the colours
that move your soul

Β©2017 Scribbler’s Dipstick

words for Just Breathe


19 thoughts on “Breathe Again

      • Hahahahha …. another connection to one of the original “bad girls” ….. brilliant …. trivia is good, if you have a brain for it – I knew many “an absolute” trivia buff in my time, but I just can’t hold that kind of “odds and ends” in my head very well … a bit or piece here and there, but it definitely makes for interesting conversations and creative ideas when engaging with these – you – types πŸ˜€


  1. I’m still breathing… inhaling quick murder mysteries. The about 250-300 page variety.
    That very last post you didn’t post ended up in my mailbox. I wanted to tell you about that…I know I’ve got your email somewhere –

    Cheers from your south πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

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