Stiff and Utter Nonsense

She brambled about the kitchen, stitching time, considering if her adventures were all in her mind. She was testy and munchy, and was considering crunching on something, but what – grumpy in pain, her mind took a left turn and jumped over the moon.
What if, what if – she licked a spliff and lit up, she beat out time on the counter with a silver spoon.
Would the pain of falling off the wall allow her to crawl back up this hill? – no king’s horses or king’s men,
“oh smack it Jack, you naughty boy” _ _ _ _ _ _

where to venture, where to go, let the mirror reflect your soul


Alice pointed and pouted out, “nothing worth going on about in Miss Mary Mary’s garden, it’s all rather boring and contrarian, best to walk wild -” she looked at me, “don’t you agree?”
I for my mind, had knelt down and was frowning as I spied a blue caterpillar, who was rolling a paper thin leaf, in a rose sheath, so I asked him – “is it worth the tumble?”
He stretched his feelers and wiggled his spines, smiled a broad smile, “all in great time, quite the delight, you will soon bee” – he passed me the smoke, I took a hit, swallowed hard, looked to the sky in exhalation, the mists roses as the shadows froze, a watermelon smile lighting my face.

I noticed a big fat goose waddling by – without so much as a “by your leave”

And my eyes they danced, as I was entranced, as the wild roses petalled themselves undone, burlesque strip tease with charming ease, falling to the light summer’s breeze, as a band of blue caterpillars played smokey blues.
I looked up from the show and watched the steam clouds grow, jumping this ship shop in shape, trawling my way to the sea shore – casting about for shells and glass, but – “guh – ugh – what’s this? a fat thick slug? ugh – no no, you can’t hug me” – I squealed and jumped back 3 steps, as a shadow crashed my head, the blackest of crows rustling in-line swoop and swallow-tailed up, with a crunching gulp – alighting in a tall pine. “Fine dining this” he cawed to me, “you’ll bee-see – and yes, you talk to angels, they call you by name -” he nodded sagely at me, and winged a wink, “ask Alice, when she’s ten feet tall.”

But then a pull and tug danced at my wriggling toes, burying themselves in the sand, crabby legged landing, and “why, hello, who’s this -” zip and zizz – a rainbow blue bodied steed came to land on her upper arch – fluttered a most charming silver smile – “embark my fair lady queen, we will ride the sail of the sea skies” – and before my eyes this dragonfly grew, and I shrank to a size – little one, but not small – a two-handed posey, of peonies all blousy drowsy – and with a watermelon sweet smile, I slipped into his stream, as he sizzle-kicked, up we booted, in the thrust and rush of a mounted ride.

Oh how we rode – she atop his hard-sleek body, her eyes wide as sails, when she heard his words carry on above his wings, “let yourself fly off the rails” – so she clamped her thighs tighter and rocked forward a lick, and stretched herself erect and let her arms slip – straight out like arrows true – wings – oh wings – I have wings – and on they flew, racing higher and higher, she felt her blue buttons slip a notch, open and fall – mother of pearls – tumbling seeds, dropped and sprouted white wildflower daisies – so far down below, yet still they flew up to dizzying heights, – she split herself wide – laughed a lightning flash trill in a thundercloud head – spilled herself into a feathery realm, a hushing blushed bed, so soft and cradling, a fine place to rest her head – evermore.


I bramble about the kitchen, stitching time, scratching and pecking, hunting for the eggs, bacon and hash, toast and marmalade, – yes, this would suit me just fine this mid-summer’s eve, a dash of salt and pepper, fantasy needs feeding – and birds of a feather must doff their yellow starred mad hatter’s chapeau -“oh Rubia oh Rubia, how you do glow, by what unearthly moon light will you sow – so ’tis madness this, oh non sense be true, to thine own heart, wish upon a star, a silver spoon and a fat goose.”

©2017 Scribbler’s Dipstick

mlmm prompt: tale weaver #127: nursery rhyme rifts 

image of Rubia tinctorum (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Rubia tinctorum: Rubia is a genus of flowering plants in the Rubiaceae family. It is commonly known as madder and is a source of red dye. 



17 thoughts on “Stiff and Utter Nonsense

    • thanks – I could have run with this for ages …. just letting the mind wander and play in all kinds of way, no real sense of purpose, just for the sheer delight, of words tumbling – was all my mind could manage today. 🙂

      thanks for popping in 🙂


  1. I’m curious as to whether you licked a spliff before putting own in have. I think not, because you have the most amazing and colourful mind. I live how you take me on a journey, it’s like walking through a page where the words dance up to greet you, As White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane plays in the background.
    What a trip 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m laughing at the first line garble … um, having a pain moment? LOL – can’t make heads of tails of it – but it’s okay. 😀

      nope, didn’t need to smoke anything, my mind was on a naturally induced trying to combat the pain high – and when I came down, always a bummer, I just set off on the mad rambles that were bouncing around when I read the prompt. Now see, right about here, I’d say, “eat your broccoli, otherwise your brain cells will fry” – but there is no point, alas alack, a true bit of wandering can be fun, even if pointless. 😀

      LOL – thanks for the wonderful compliment, but most days, my mind is dull and boring. Honestly. LOL – glad that I could offer some time away from the “normal” in your life 😀


  2. Always a fan of Alice…And yet there was so much as a child I couldn’t put a reference to. No madder, or better for worse or wear I suppose. Summer daze just seem to flow – So odd how even now there are back to school sales.
    Summer has just begun…and yet we run without running. Spin without spinning, and there amid the din we break the curtain of the latest rain to see the drops on foliage sparkle like jewels….

    Still so far behind that I might just be reaching the circle route from a new beginning….

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL@the circle route – that’s okay, absolutely nothing wrong with that 🙂

      Alice isn’t really meant for kids, honestly, even if it was written as such – and it’s only as an adult, and after several readings, can all the nuances, and subtleties of the work(s) truly be appreciated. That’s probably why they are such true classics. 😉

      I’ve given up on summer and all of the hoo-hah – not worth the effort of constantly rushing ahead – makes no sense and I prefer my own brand of insanity 😉

      Stay safe and well – and thanks for stopping in Jules 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • …got a birthday party this weekend, and three trips in the works; 1st short vacation, the others a short and a long with hubby – unknown dates at this time. So I’m just going to take it slow when I am home. Oh, got one little tomato turning read. Used some basil and something else that begins with an m- but I can’t seem to spell.

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  3. What a toss and a tumble, a snippety-snip and a rumble. My mind is now racing, my thoughts out pacing my fingers that fly, and I know why. You have maddered my mind in a wonderous way. OMG, wish I had the words to say. What fun it is to read your submission, I think you should be paid a commission. Tale Weaver’s owes you some dough. And I don’t know where this comment will go. Perhaps off flying with you by my side. Watch the sea reassemble after the tide.
    Thanks so much for playing along. This piece has me humming a song. Of laughter and smiles. Lasting the miles.
    As I trudge through my ordinary day, in a much lighter, wonderous way.
    This is absolutely brilliant!!!!!!! And a lot of emojis as well.

    Liked by 1 person

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