the paradox of writing

trying becomes inoperative
as oneness has no polarity
follow words
as the idea of ritual surfaces and customs
keep further dividing
and creating chaos
as the centuries hear
without being concerned
by the total opposite of life
as laid out

follow words
as specific dichotomies surface –
in descending order
a piece of God
and I need no device
to confirm it
knowing an artificial contrivance –
a perspective of desiring
leaving nothing

©2017 Scribbler’s Dipstick

a creative writing exercise in white|black out poetry ♠

originally culled from: Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life – Living the Wisdom of the Tao by Dr. Wayne Dyer : reflections on the 38th verse of The Tao Te Ching 

I sourced and culled from Wayne Dyer’s reflections and interpretation of this passage, creating a “white out poem” then further stripped it down and changed some of my chosen lines by re-placing them, breaking the ‘natural order’ – letting myself play with the idea of “paradox” which then became my interpretation of “oneness” in relation to the writing process = an interesting word game|exercise and meditation 

Simply Mascara

do lash your eyes
like spider’s legs
thicken up the spindly
fatten the twigs
to thick sticks
plump and juicy
as the bats fly high in your irises’ skies
smoke them darker still
from anemic brown
to asphalt black
lengthen the ley lines
shadowing the stars’ wake
hush and purse your lips
shake the writhing snakes quiet
as they crown your head
blessed be the virgin
aglow in your breast
as the holiest of strokes
stains deeper
a wedded wound calls to you
from the bedsit in your head,
the longitude of parabolic lines
walks the aisle between
you believing you are no one
and some one
made up

©2017 Scribbler’s Dipstick

late•night lightning strike: idea: misread words: meeting mascara: 

♠ I misread the words: “meeting marquessa” on a blogroll and my mind wandered to the wild ♠

Curtain Rods and Ball Bearings

Darlene Draperis: Decor Stylist and Relationship Counselor for the Aged.
Obsessed with all fabrics chintz, voile, sateen, and sheer. Adores brocade. Delights in pleats and tucks. Mad about sconces, swags, tie-backs and plaids, and floral prints. Over-sized poufs and pillows, and shag carpeting are hallmarks of her inimitable style.
Velvet floor-to-ceiling drapes stir her soul.
She counsels her clients to consider the luxuriousness of an expansive sweep of crushed velveteen, “The key to a long-lasting marriage starts in setting the right ambiance in the bedroom; crisp white sheets, a mixed fruit platter, thick with peaches, plums, and sun-hot strawberries, set against a lush stage of cascading waves of velvet? Who needs pep pills? Trust me, you’ll be asking your man to ‘peel me a grape’ of a Saturday night, which wins out over Canasta any time.”
Mr.and Mrs. Draperis live in semi-retirement, in southwestern Florida; Mr. Draperis collects ball bearings.

©2017 Scribbler’s Dipstick

late•night lightning strike: idea: unusual blog title: curtain rods and ball bearings

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