Rainy Day Greys

it’s a thick sweater snuggle in
with a hot cuppa tea
if it pleases –
sweetened with a slip
of honey
to dissipate the bitter taste
of another
endlessly steeping
grey sea sky day
delivering on its promise
rain rain rain
soaking into the new
evergreen cloak
grounding the brown sand
to chocolate café au lait
serving up my joint pain
as crunchy biscotti
on the side


I would love to …
Three Movies Sweater: Hand-Knits : pattern by Handarbetaren on Ravelry


nothing to be done for it
snuggle deeply into it
the rain falls as it will
and I wonder what happen to all the swarms
– the black flies
where do they hide?
when it’s an endlessly weeping stream
for surely they can’t fly
where do they hide?
and why don’t they drown
and die –
this would be some consolation
and relief

©2017 Scribbler’s Dipstick