Hardcore Edge

Hard to the core, and surface polished to a deep rich brown, years of wear and no tear treading on my tongue and groove –
although that odd dog, the weird one with long blond curly locks did sit and gnaw one of my legs – right number he did, chewed off veneer and polish and left me with permanent scars –
his teeth forever embedded in my flesh –
and ah, the look of stern disapproval from the mother when it was noticed.

But there are no ring marks from countless sweating steins or bottles,
the odd smudge from a hastily sweater sleeve wiped spill, honey sweet milky tea, and a few odd crumbs lodged in the split for the leaf wood, but they never stay there long –
a rough tongue will fish them out.

You don’t believe in table cloth coverings – preferring to see me age, wearing bald spots and shaving nicks from knife tips, but I’m tougher than this.

But it’s that one particular edge –
the edge where she sits and click click clicks as her fingers tap, when her nails are too long she swears at the endless number of mistakes she makes as she half bakes stories and slaps together meals on wheels on her lap top. I guess I could call it finger food tid-bits, if I could be bothered.

But it’s the edge that really matters.

Curved like a swollen fat bottomed lip I pout out and she plants her butt and slips, if the material is thin enough and I’m feeling finely tuned with the scent of lemons. And she slouches and shuffles and readjusts her ass and thoughts and hits the keys again, while I stroke her bottom, a bit heavier on the left side cheek, so soon enough, sometimes within minutes, she fidgets and shifts as her legs start the tingle slide from hip, along thigh, down past the rounded calf to end at her toes –

yeah, honey, this is the ticket – so hard and finely crafted am I – I can bring tears to your eyes –

The choice of pleasure and pain a fine line which I love crossing –
it’s within my nature to hard core craft as you sit and draft stories and words – stirring it up in the kitchen, where I sat for so many years, listening in to the silly stories and back and forth taunts and teasing, bearing the weight of squirming and intense stares, with toes clenching in death grips on rungs, the smell of fear staining dinner, wrung out of your skin as it stuck to my back – there’s no hiding from all of these trips –
and in a flash, I know your heart –
for I gave mine long ago –
to be tooled and carved and housed,
maple wood table and chairs –
a set of 4 –

And even if I can’t speak your language, I serve the purpose of reminder –

You’d take the axe and sharpen the blade to a shining silver fine line, swinging it hard and fast, splitting me into pieces,
the desire to throw me on the bonfire blaze breathing in your soul –
reduced to ashes

These are the imprints ingrained in my smooth and polished surface –
it’s this edge, where you sit, that really matters.

©2017 Scribbler’s Dipstick

mlmm prompt: tale weaver #129: around the house

Rainy Day Greys

it’s a thick sweater snuggle in
with a hot cuppa tea
if it pleases –
sweetened with a slip
of honey
to dissipate the bitter taste
of another
endlessly steeping
grey sea sky day
delivering on its promise
rain rain rain
soaking into the new
evergreen cloak
grounding the brown sand
to chocolate café au lait
serving up my joint pain
as crunchy biscotti
on the side


I would love to …
Three Movies Sweater: Hand-Knits : pattern by Handarbetaren on Ravelry


nothing to be done for it
snuggle deeply into it
the rain falls as it will
and I wonder what happen to all the swarms
– the black flies
where do they hide?
when it’s an endlessly weeping stream
for surely they can’t fly
where do they hide?
and why don’t they drown
and die –
this would be some consolation
and relief

©2017 Scribbler’s Dipstick

Moody Monday

the day dawns and surfaces in temperament,
like a moody teenager –
sullen, grey
not quite sure whether it wants to rally and play
or simply sulk

the sky is patchy,
broken pieces of earthenware pepper
ground dusty ash
black flecked mood
but the sun attempts to strike back
out lightening odd parts of the horizon
a bit brighter in the east
even with no morning star
as the south wears a sombre veil;
the western shores are rolling waves
waiting to break in frothy rain
and from the north,
Spring’s cold winds blow

©2017 Scribbler’s Dipstick

eventually, the sun won and it was a fine warm day, a welcomed change from the never-ending since November grey and cool, very wet, rainy spring